KVANDO Technologies Inc. is an IT Сompany, specialized on providing dedicated frontend and backend developers on-demand to clients, willing to augment their in-house team.

KVANDO Technologies team is experienced in applications building on Golang and JavaScript (React.js)

Whether you need 1 expert for a month or a team of 3-5 engineers for one-two years, we will help you to find the right form of cooperation!

We will go with you through all the stages of product development from the hypotheses and MVP to the launch of the product.


Delivering on-demand web apps for startups and enterprise clients by utilizing the latest technologies.


Why We Use Javascript

  • There are no relevan opponents in Frontend
  • Popular for writing desktop and cross-platform apps
  • High-speed. JavaScript is known to be very fast as it runs immediately on the client’s browser. It is unrestricted by network calls to backend servers
  • The cutback in Server Load. JavaScript cutbacks any load on website servers, this enhances the speed of the website


Why We Use Golang

  • Companies that took advantage of Golang: Google, YouTube, Apple, Dropbox, Docker, BBC, The Economist, The New York Times, IBM, Twitter
  • Golang is 3-4 times more effective than interpreted languages in terms of CPU and RAM utilization
  • Golang is convenient for deploying
  • Golang is fast. It compiles like a shot, giving the language a “dynamic” feel

50+ projects


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